Live inside the story.


TRUECINELIVE® is a storytelling event that will be showcased at sports stadiums and concert arenas to be shared and experienced by audiences in their thousands, just like a music concert. 

At its very core, it’s a fusion of film production and live-action theatre. To tell a narrative that is both thrilling, innovative and immersive.

TRUECINELIVE® shows will put the audience at the very centre of the story to take the magic of storytelling to a different level.  


No longer will audiences be restricted to the role of the passive viewer, but become an integral part of the cinematic story. Immersive action sets means the fictional world is built around audiences, transporting them to new worlds as they sit back and enjoy the action unfolding live, by real-life actors.

Audiences are forever seeking new ways to experience culture. With the rise in popularity for immersive live experiences and concerts, reaffirmed by the success of immersive experiences such as Secret Cinema, it is clear that now is the perfect time for audiences to embrace the next step in the future of entertainment and storytelling.

The appetite for live entrainment is huge and it’s only getting bigger. 

In 2017, the UK’s Live Entertainment Sector enjoyed a combined turnover of £17billion making it one of the most successful years to date. This trend continued into 2018 which saw a record breaking year in live concert attendance. And according to a report from Pollster, global sales for concert sales hit new highs in the first half of 2018!

With the abandonment of local multiplexes and surge in online streaming platforms, maybe there is a huge market for a more romanticised form of spectatorship, and maybe now is the perfect time for audiences to embrace the next step in the future of storytelling.

“Immersive events will blur the lines between fiction and reality and fill the void left by an oversaturated technological world. It’s about taking the audience deeper into the story more than ever before.”


TRUECINELIVE® events will see cast perform live action scenes to accompany a movie that will be screened to audiences of up to 20,000 people in a spectacular fusion of film production and live-action theatre. 

The first production will be called COMET LINE (working title), set in World War 2.

Concept images for the first production, show elaborate sets depicting crumbling cities of Europe which have become fiercely contested battlefields, that are to be built inside the stadium for these performances.

Five British soldiers try to evade the enemy down the Comet Line and get held up in an abandoned church surrounded by the Gestapo. They bunker down, holding the line while trying to find ways to escape.

As a unit of SS soldiers moves in on their location, their fate seems inevitable and the group contemplates their purpose in life, wondering if their sacrifice will be worth anything at all.

Fighting with honour and courage, they make a last stand and vow to take as many of the enemy as they can. A story that balances the inhumanity of war and the humanity of five British Soldiers.


Smell the gunshots, feel the heat of the explosions, see tanks flatten buildings, parachuters dropping in, real-life soldiers and much more.


Working with STAGE ONE the people behind 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony

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