If you’re an aspiring producer, a budding filmmaker, interested in a career in the film industry or simply a fan of the silver screen, you now have the perfect companion at your fingertips.




1000+ videos in your pocket!

Over 10 hours of behind-the-scenes footage with 100's of interviews with cast and crew.

Discover how two debut film makers wrote their script and convinced investors to back their vision to direct, produce and distribute their first feature film - all having had zero experience in the film industry before - and on a budget of £1m.

Sections include:

  • Development

  • Pre-Production

  • Production

  • Post-Production

  • Distribution 



I’m an actress and the director’s description of casting calls is spot on! The first time I went to one I was shaking all over!
— Sashaemoji


Designed for all audiences. 

  • Film Fans 

  • Actors

  • Film Students

  • Directors

  • Producers

  • Investors

  • Composers

  • Editors

  • Cinematographers

  • Production Designers

...and so much more!



Demystifies the film making process. Each section is really interesting!
— Josh Risdon


Learn on-the-go with 1000s of bite-sized videos.

Delve into the comprehensive video library and learn on-the-go with pioneering new strategies and handy shortcuts with this all-mobile experience.



9.99 is a bargain. Easy and fun. A great way to learn about making movies. Good luck with the release.
— Bojangles1975


A video for every phase of making movies.

From development, pre-production, production, to post-production and distribution, you’ll learn the ground-level tactics to finance, produce and successfully release your film - including how to handle direct distribution, create valuable products, and monetise them.

Our hope is that after absorbing the material, you’ll have taken a giant leap to familiarize yourself with the skills you need to fuel your creativity and confidently move forward with your film making career.



As a student on tight budget I can safely say it was worth the money for all the content! So awesome to see the process in such depth and detail!
— mermaid_mitchell


So. Much. Content.

Hailed as a “film making life coach,” you'll learn the entrepreneurial essentials of filmmaking through advice, useful tips and interesting stories as your guided through the business side of making a film, not just the creative elements.



As an indie film maker myself I was looking for an App which does exactly this. The app itself is fantastic, fast paced, easy to use and extremely economical.
— NKillen


Film industry experts advising you on every step.

From the writers and producers to the casting director, accountants and solicitors, runners to DIT, you'll gain insight from the people that make it all happen.

Interviews include cinematographer Will Humphris (Quantum of Solace; Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time), film editors Chris Gill (28 Days Later; The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) and Andy Morrison (Outlander; LIFE), and composer Ian Arber (I Am Bolt; Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation).



Anyone who wants to make an independent film (or any film for that matter) will benefit from this app!
— Araby65


Lifetime Updates.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and made your way through the footage, there’s still more to come!

With even more interviews from industry-experts to be uploaded, the Scott and Sid app just keeps on giving.

From stunt co-ordinators to runners, drone pilots to sales agents, the additional videos will continue to give you that competitive edge into the world of film. 



This app is so useful for anyone in the film making business! Absolutely great and unique. Would definitely recommend!
— hollieworsnop

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